Self-ligating orthodontic

The self-ligating orthodontic uses a completely different type of brackets to traditional braces. The self-ligating orthodontic uses a new technology that orthodontic treatment faster, with fewer appointments, achieving consistent high quality results.

How the self-ligating orthodontic work?

The self-ligating orthodontic uses a type of self-ligating brackets, which eliminate the need for using or placing elastic or metal ligature brackets. The wires used by self-ligating brackets are lighter, have a memory which allows the patient’s teeth move faster and decreasing the number of visits to the dental office.

The self-ligating orthodontic treatments are clinically proven, it is a treatment that can align teeth and improve facial esthetics of patients in a short time.

What is the difference between traditional and self-ligating orthodontic braces?

The self-ligating orthodontic brackets uses a type that is smaller than the brackets used in traditional braces, making them more discreet, more comfortable and much easier to keep them clean. The self-ligating orthodontic, having no elastic ligatures, prevents the accumulation of plaque between the brackets, as in traditional braces. Furthermore, this system also offers the option of using self-ligating brackets making more transparent the patient’s smile aesthetics.

Why should I have self-ligating orthodontic treatment?
The self-ligating orthodontic you can improve your smile faster, more comfortably and with results and benefits that last a lifetime as:

  • Healthy smile (teeth and gums)
  • Security & Trust
  • Best facial features
  • A beautiful smile
  • Better Digestion

Also, having aligned teeth, easier and effective oral hygiene, avoiding periodontal disease because of the buildup of plaque between teeth, while improving health and preventing gum, tooth loss.
When they are not treated early problems crooked and crowded teeth may become worse so that cause unusual wear on the teeth, pressure on the gums resulting in not only an aesthetic problem, but also a digestive problem, and that few improperly aligned teeth chew person makes the food improperly causing greater pain and discomfort.
Never too late to start a self-ligating orthodontic treatment, age is no impediment asks your opinion today and start enjoying the benefits of this new technology.