Social Responsability

From the year 2011 began with a campaign of dental hygiene in the community that benefit Yaxche Maya originally 49 indigenous students at elementary school Francisco Sarabia. The campaign has since toothbrushes and toothpastes brushing techniques and eventually application of fluoride. The campaign spread to over the years to other communities: sahcab Mucuy, Chumpon, On Chun Chun Yah, Tak Chivo, Sunyaxche and Cecilio Chi, all located in the state of Quintana Roo. An estimated 600 primary school students have benefited so far. The campaign was created because of two important factors. For over 10 years it has supported children with heart problems and which required surgery, either through other organizations or individually (channeling public hospitals through Seguro Popular or moved abroad), and that they should have with healthy teeth as preoperative requirement to avoid any infection, mainly endocarditis. Of all the children supported, who already had teeth, 50% had dental caries. Another factor that started this work arises from a campaign of prevention and detection of diabetes held at Yaxche. A small survey revealed high power consumption and intake of soft drinks embotellas a lot of sweets.

Education and culture

Campaigns supporting individual surgeries and surgeries: In coordination with Association of Aid to Children in critical (ADANEC, ABP) campaigns have taken heart surgeries in the Yucatan Peninsula, benefiting children of the three states that make up the Peninsula . One was held in May 2012 in Merida and the last was in September 2012 in Cancun AmeriMed hospital.

Individual cases have been supported through negotiations with the People’s Insurance and channeled to the Regional Hospital of High Specialty of the Yucatan Peninsula. Each of the children come from poor families, both the cities and the indigenous area. Some cases have been channeled to Wolfson Childrens Hospital of Jacksonville, Florida.

Education and culture: twice a month there is a commitment to the children of indigenous elementary school Francisco Sarabia. The visits are coordinated with the Tao Foundation. Each visit is different, sometimes are prepared material to create art, in other school material are provided in other characters accompany us some artistic means to bring live music. Every two months we had the presence of Cinema Club, an organization that brings culture and education through film. Also in Playa del Carmen, the first Sunday of each month by Citizens for Culture chess workshop, live music, film club, sometimes theater and other activities for profit, mostly from the solidarense childhood takes . Periodically cultural trips of pupils in primary schools and sahcab Yaxche Mucuy to archaeological sites and cultural schools of Playa del Carmen with the support of Calica, Tao Foundation, La Salle Elementary exchanges, among others are performed.