Rights and Obligations of Patients

Rights and Obligations of Patients



To enjoy a full and clear communication with the attending staff, appropriate to their psychological and cultural conditions, enabling it to obtain all the necessary information regarding their oral health. The procedures and treatments that are going to practice. Prognosis and treatment risks, also the administrative aspects that relate to their attention.
To receive information on the economic costs and risks of their attention.
A it will develop and keep a full, accurate and readable history as an instrument to coordinate, facilitate and evaluate their attention as guaranteeing the custody of their history, because the information therein contained is not known to others within respecting the ethical, legal and administrative rules.
To be heard and get answers to their complaints, grievances and concerns.
To request and receive a second opinion in case of disagreement with the treating dentist.

You are guaranteed SAFETY:

To be served with quality and timeliness by qualified personnel with sufficient knowledge and skills, a trained and competent staff.
A that they are providing services with quality and safety which includes the protection and privacy of their physical integrity and their belongings during your care.
To be treated with the latest advances in technology that meet the standards of calibration and maintenance to ensure the normal functioning and patient safety.

That is offered RESPECT:
Not to be discriminated because of their racial appearance, gender, religious and political, economic and cultural, age or their health and receive dignified, friendly and courteous treatment faiths. To receive priority attention or when your medical condition or vulnerability characteristics warrant. To have the company of their families during care, as long as it does not interfere with the process of care.


The Dental SPA patient has the duty to:


Comply with the rules, regulations and instructions of the institution and the medical team.
Care and make rational use of resources, facilities, staffing, Clinic services.
Pay on time and / or facilitate the payment of services and professional fees.
Duly comply with the agreed dates and at least 24 hours notice before cancellation.

Offer Respect

Treated with respect and dignity to people who care, the other patients, family members and relatives, respect their privacy and beliefs.
Personal care and respect of others and property, leaving in place the elements in common use.


Committing to read, understand and sign the informed consent.
Report news (changes in the identification data, the EPS which is affiliated, place of residence, telephone), similarly notify in a timely, clear, accurate and complete circumstances related to their health and facts or situations causing spoilage


Actively participate in the proceedings and subsequent care Follow fully the recommendations issued by the Dental SPA staff to ensure successful treatment